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Each caravan should have:-
  • A Working Smoke Detector         
  • A Fire Bucket         
  • A Fire Blanket         
  • A Fire Extinguisher – minimum contents weight of 1kg

The contents and structure of a caravan are extremely flammable. One cannot depend on the fire brigade as more often than not, unless one is camped adjacent to a fire station, the spread of fire through a caravan is so rapid that on their arrival there is frequently only a chassis remaining

1.   (a)   Get everyone out of the caravan – either by the door or a window (b) Raise the alarm.  This will enable others to assist, or if the fire is too severe, neighbouring caravans and vehicles to be moved.

2.   Tackle the fire ONLY if safe to do so.
(i) Turn off the gas supply and disconnect the mains electricity if possible.
(ii) If the fire involves bedding, work surfaces, cushions, etc., use any fire extinguisher, fire buckets or hosepipes that are available.
(iii) If the fire involves a pan of oil, eg a chip pan, place a fire blanket, blanket or damp cloth over the top and do not move for at least 30 minutes.
(iv) Should a persons clothing catch alight wrap them in a fire blanket, blanket or rug, etc, or if nothing is available roll them on the floor.

PRECAUTIONS – Ensure each member of your family is aware of:-
(a) How to operate all door and window catches to facilitate escape in the event of a fire.
(b) How to isolate the gas and electricity supply.
(c) Location of, and how to use, a fire extinguisher.

Hold at arms length         
Aim at the base of the fire          
Use sweeping movements to extinguish it

In event of a gas leak:-
Extinguish all naked flames.           
Open all windows and doors.           
Do not use electrical appliances.

DO NOT BLOCK any ventilators, particulary those situated at floor level. If a gas leak should occur, because the gas is heavier than air it will sink to the floor and seep out of these ventilators.


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