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Since 1977
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1) The club shall be known as the Mustang Caravan Owners Club
2) For bona fide owners of Mustang Caravans, other makes of touring caravans and Motor Caravans for the purpose of encouraging rallies and promoting the caravanning spirit
3) The President, Vice president and Officers of the Club plus a committee of not more than six ordinary members shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting
4) An Auditor shall be elected who shall not be a member of the club
5) Notice of the A.G.M. shall be sent to all members not less than 28 days before the meeting
6) Nomination for election shall be received by the Secretary 14 days before the A.G.M
7) No en bloc voting will be considered
8) Members and partners to have voting rights
9) Should a vacancy occur the committee can co-opt another member to serve until the next A.G.M
10) The constitution of the club can only be changed at an Annual General Meeting
B) Any proposal to change the constitution or Rules must be received, in writing, by the Secretary not less than six weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting
11) A special meeting of members shall be called by the Secretary on receipt of a requisition by no fewer than 25 members
12) Subscription year to run from 1st August. Membership fee is agreed annually at the A.G.M. and fees to be paid as and from that date. Membership fee includes member and partner.
13) Code of behaviour for the protection of the good name of the Mustang Caravan Owners’ Club, each member shall be deemed to subscribe to the Caravan Code and Country Code
14) A copy of the constitution and rally rules to be sent to all members on joining
15) The club Secretary shall keep a Register of Membership
16) Any member having a dispute with the club or a fellow member should inform the committee, in writing, whose decision will be made known and person to persons concerned will have the right to appeal against their decision
17) The committee reserve the right to refuse the renewal of membership, reasons for which will be communicated in writing
18) Subject to the committee’s approval a limited number of invitation rallies may be held throughout the year on Licensed Sites. The number of guests who can be invited to such rallies is limited to one guest unit per member van. Guests at rallies shall be given Temporary Membership of the club for the duration of their stay and shall pay such fee, as the committee shall decide
19) The Committee shall have the power to grant Honorary Life Membership to any member in recognition of outstanding services to the club

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